Mobile Marketing for TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers

You see Mobile Keyword technology all over TV and hear it on the radio every single day. You see it advertised in magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, and all over billboards. There’s a reason why large corporations utilize mobile marketing – IT WORKS!

Advertising TV, Radio, Magazines.

reset tools TV, Radio, Magazines

People text your custom Mobile Keyword to 69302 (Wave Mobile Media’s short code) to join your mobile VIP list. Then an automated response is texted back to them with your customized welcome offer. Later, you can send them important text alerts, news, and promotions, resulting in huge and immediate response rates that you can’t experience with email marketing alone.

This generation of tech-savvy consumers wants close relationships with organizations that utilize the latest in Multi-Channel Communications. Mobile Text, IM, Email, Social Networks, Blogs – Wave Mobile Media’s All-In-One Message Service integrates them ALL.

For the same price other companies charge for email marketing alone, with Wave Mobile Media you can stay in constant contact with your opt-in audience via any or ALL modes of communication with just one click.

Why Use Wave Mobile Media’s Mobile Text, IM and Email Service?

  • Economic times like this call for innovation. It’s time to find new ways to reach your customer base.These days online marketing can only get you so far, and it should be complemented with a strong digital communications strategy that’s centered on SMS.
  • Email alone is OLD and clearly not effective anymore. It’s time to start building a mobile database so you can text your audience with important news, alerts, coupons and promotions. Integrate your marketing campaigns and on-air promotions with interactive content, mobile text polls (like American Idol), contests and sweepstakes.
  • It’s crucial to keep your audience connected at all times. Build customer loyalty programs to target mobile VIPs and offer incentives to quickly generate mobile signups so you can begin texting them right away.
  • Turn your media outlet into a two-way marketing conversation. Send out a mass text blast and receive replies and feedback immediately from your audience.

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