mobile website 150x150 Why Should You Consider a Mobile Website for Your Business?A whopping 20% of American Internet users now access the Internet via portable hand-held devices. Because screen space and connections speeds are limited on these devices, the creation of mobile optimized websites is a necessity for your start up in order to ensure the best user experience for potential customers who want to find easily accessible information on your products and services.

A few benefits of having a mobile website are:

  1. Faster loading time. Mobile websites are a more streamlined version of your desktop website. The lack of unnecessary multimedia allows the pages to load faster when accessed. The less a new customer has to wait to get to your website, the better.
  2. Attracts customers. Every customer wants to deal with a company on which he can rely. When potential customers see that they access your services on mobile devices easily, they know that they can rely on being able to access your services or information regardless of location.
  3. Search engines index mobile websites separately. The Google search engine lists mobile websites separately from desktop ones and the list is a lot less populated. This offers companies with mobile website a competitive edge when their keywords are searched.
  4. Mobile Internet usage will soon surpass desktop usage. In the next five years, the majority of the 93% of Americans that have cell phones will be accessing the Internet on mobile devices. It’s best to catch on to the trend ahead of time to ensure that you can leverage it to the best of your ability.

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